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PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2004 1:18 pm
HumanPosts: 21Joined: Mon Apr 05, 2004 2:02 am
it would be perfect as a online rpg game, but i doubt it can be like something else. it would be in its own league

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2004 10:16 pm
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talk about a blames game, everytime I play Unreal Tournament I remember it, principally when I play in instagib mode, if anyone never played it then try it(the game is popular so I doubt that no one never played :P )

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2004 10:37 pm
BuilderPosts: 31Location: LondonJoined: Tue Feb 24, 2004 12:46 pm
I suppose someone could create a Red Faction or Red Faction II mod , as in that game you can definately blow apart walls and break up bridges completely. Quite an interesting game, especially the railgun with x-ray vision, as it fires through many walls in an instant. Someone could use a variation of that to blow up the walls in the process.

I think the number of destructable points is limited to 100, so once things are blown away 100 times on any point of the map, no more can be created.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2004 10:49 pm
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yeah the geomod feature in red faction rocks... i also thought of it when wondering wether a blame onlinegame would be possible

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:55 am
HumanPosts: 10Location: CanadaJoined: Sun Feb 08, 2004 11:31 pm
Really, I think all you need is a really good counterstrike mod.

Of course, using the GBE would be suicide, as the kickback would throw you across the entire level... after blowing up everything on the map. : P

Seriously though, you could probably modify the gluon gun to look like a GBE.... it charges up nicely and has a little kickback, too. : )

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 5:05 pm
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An Idea came to my mind the other day, why don't someone make an offline rpg on the rpgmaker? It's pretty easy, the only problem of that program is that sometimes there are bugs that makes it a bit irritating (that's the reason I've never started making blame! rpg) but if someone is interested just ask that I'll put the link of the program here. :D

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2004 7:35 am
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I started to do something in the "rpg maker 2003", but I abandon it some time ago...

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:41 am
Self Aware AIPosts: 167Joined: Sun Jun 27, 2004 8:01 pm
If someone wants it, HERE it is

"Even a simulated experience or a dream, simultaneously reality and fantasy, any way you look at it, all the information acumulated during a lifetime is just a drop in a bucket"- Batou, GitS
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 08, 2004 4:32 am
HumanPosts: 3Joined: Sun Aug 08, 2004 4:14 am
I would use the tools developed by ArenaNet (the builders of Guildwars) to make a MMORPG. Everything can be changed at a moments notice. Content can be updated on the fly, and that is exactly what a Blame! game would need.

The game developers could change, shape and build the world as time progressed. For example: A special event is triggered where an NPC uses a GBE. The surrounding area would change and be completely decimated. The hole created by the weapon could open up a new area.

It would be exciting to see how developers would use the Builders. Areas would change or be moved over time. Nothing would stay the same!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2004 3:04 pm
ExterminatorPosts: 108Location: Land Of OzJoined: Thu Feb 05, 2004 6:11 am
Personally, if a BLAME! game was every going to be created it should be like System Shock 2 which is kind a like FPS meets RPG. System Shock 2 was really creepy and scary tho at 1:00 in the morning :shock:

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2004 9:13 pm
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Privet! Dobro pozalovati v samiy lutchiy BLAME! forum v mire :)

I would like to see how would it look when 16 players are equiped with GBE playing DM in HL2 MOD :D

But if it would be MMORPG then GBE could be limited by firing lvl :) Oh and some creatures has ressistance to GBE :)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:28 am
HumanPosts: 6Location: LatviaJoined: Sat Dec 04, 2004 7:27 am
Nah, making a "Blame!" game is a bad idea. A game within a game within a game? Sounds a bit too ambitious to me...

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 8:56 pm
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Wait... if this RPG game is going to resemble the world of blame! correctly, then we'll have to control Killy and Cibo to walk for 20000+ hours inside megastructure before encounter a single living being... LOL :D

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 2:14 am
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With the technology at hand currently, the vast environment that is the Megastructure can be created

The PS3 engine is quite incredible, and looking at all the trailers from this years E3, I think it would be a very good console to try BLAME! on. To recreate the Megastructure, alot of work has to be put into it. I mean, I want a Megstructure without reoccouring contours..which means I don't want to see the same structures over and over again when I enter different parts of the megastructure. With the power of the PS3 engine, we can see a very dynamic ever changeing environment, instead of a fixed thing.

Just imagine trying to play the level in BLAME! where Space and Time is continuously raptured, that would be beyond awesome (and hard)

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